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Panacast and Heckler Design - a success story with two our favorite partners

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

Since starting in 2009, one of the greatest pleasures is getting to work the best companies in the industry. Companies such as Zoom (We were one of the first "resell" partners of Zoom), AVer (One of the best selling video collaboration cameras available today), TelyCam (a great camera a great price), Revolabs (top grade audio for every business) and so many others.

We work hard to create a partnership with the companies we represent and it greats to see two our partners actually working together - and that's what this video shows.  It's from Panacast (the true 180 degree collaboration camera) and Heckler Design (an American company making the best enclosures for tablets and media carts available today).

Instead of telling you about it, just view the video below and see for yourself (it's about 3 minutes long)

As you can see from the video, the Panacast is a unique camera, it provides a full wide angle view of the room (or any situation).  Heckler Design has used it as a serious business tool that has helped them grow their business - showing the power of both Panacast and video collaboration.

It's great to see two of our partners working together to create a success.  It supports why we work with both of these top tier companies.

Check out Panacast and Heckler Design today.  And as always, if you have any questions, just email, call or click the "chat" button below.

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