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Building a dynamic and interactive collaboration room

 Modular Furniture,  Podiums, Lecterns, Carts, Stands and so much more !!


VideoConferenceGear offers a complete selection of desks, tables, podiums, lecterns, mobile carts and videoconference stands from leading manufacturers.  These affordable solutions create great Huddle and Conference room, and enable you to move videoconferencing solutions and displays wherever you need them!  

And we offer special solutions for education and healthcare designed to optimize and improve the meeting experience.

Many factors determine the design and layout of conference rooms when they are used for collaboration.  The proper positioning of the videoconferencing equipment so that everyone can see and be seen without moving chairs around is so important, as is access to whiteboards and wireless presentation tools. 

Conference Room Design Tips    

According to Brian Hill, of Demand Media, Lighting design is particularly critical for a conference room where videoconferences will frequently be held. The environment should be evenly lit to minimize shadows in the images so all the participants can be seen clearly.

  • Diffuse fluorescent light is recommended.
  • To prevent glare from sunlight, either set up the room in an area of the building that does not have windows, or install blinds designed to completely darken the room.
  • The area within view of the camera should not be cluttered with objects such as artwork, plants or wall treatments with busy patterns.
  • These can reduce video quality by causing the video compression technology to essentially work harder to clearly capture the images of the people in the room. Reverberation -- sound bouncing off hard surfaces -- can interfere with audio quality. The solution is to put sound-absorbing material on the ceiling, walls and floors.
  • The U- or V-shaped tables work well -- each participant is easily visible on camera.

Here are some examples of the well constructed highly affordable carts, stands, lecterns and tables we offer: