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Empowering our Customers with Choice

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

A few years ago, we decided to focus on creating preconfigured room kits. We didn't know exactly how that would play out on our site, we just knew it was important to help our customers when selecting the right video conferencing products for their specific room.  We also knew most of our customers were new to the world of cloud-based video conferencing, and we believed having a few kits helped them understand what was required.

When we first started creating room kits, we looked at all the common features of each video conferencing platform and would put them together with various combinations. Initially, we limited the number of cameras and audio combinations to avoid creating confusion. We knew selecting the right camera/audio products for a specific room was crucial to creating the right solution.  What we found out quickly was the need to include the right accessories also.  That meant looking beyond what "came in the box" and putting together specific accessory bundles (cables, mounts, and connectors) to ensure our customers were able to get their rooms up and running as quickly as possible.

Next came testing room controls, and how to ensure those controls were easy to use but also have the ability to integrate seamlessly within the room. Finally, we decided it expand beyond Zoom Rooms and incorporate more platforms.

After our testing and playing around with the concept, we had less than ten kits available. Fast forward to today and we have over 70 room kits covering all the major video conferencing platforms. We believe it is largest selection available on an online store. Each of them are complete kits, with camera, audio, room controls and all the accessories needed to get your room up and running as quickly as possible.

Today, we have over 70 Video Conferencing Room Kits available. 

The majority of our kits come without room displays. That's by design. Although we understand how important the room display is, we also believe they can be purchased locally (within a close proximity of the location of the room) for both a lower price and without the problems associated with shipping. Over the past year, we began configuring kits with both 4K High Definition displays and intelligent touch displays (we call them Zoom Rooms Touch kits).  By including the display, we are making it easier for our customers who would rather purchase from a single company on a single invoice. Right now, there ten kits which include touch displays, single displays and dual displays.

We've also worked hard making it easier to find the perfect kit. You can search with keywords, or navigate through the various kits by selecting categories for Platform, Room Size, Camera, Audio or Product Vendor. And within the kit pages themselves, we provide product links, allowing you to get detailed information on each product within the kit itself.

Another thing we have been working on is how to provide additional options within the kits themselves. As an example, for our Zoom Rooms customers, we now provide an option to select the Heckler Design console.  A few months ago, we released the "design your own huddle room kit" based upon all-in-one camera and audio solutions. The "design your own" kit is experimental, as we search for the best way to provide choices and options for our customers, without complicating things.

Video Conference Gear and Zoom released the first Zoom Rooms kit on Amazon

We're not done. We have expanded beyond our online store, and created a Zoom Rooms kit with Zoom that is now available on Amazon for your huddle room. Over the next couple months, we will have more kits available on Amazon for different room sizes and functions. 

Beyond Zoom Rooms kits, we will be expanding the kit selection of other platforms, such as RingCentral and Microsoft Teams (which uses Skype for Business for meeting room collaboration).  

What does all that mean for you? It means having more options and choices when purchasing your next room kit. It means additional information to support those decisions. And ultimately, it means helping you make better decisions, faster.

We want to thank you for supporting us along this journey. Without our customers, none of this is possible. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us.

Photo by Tristan Colangelo on Unsplash

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