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Take Your Zoom Rooms to the Next Level with Touch

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

We are always looking to create the best Zoom Rooms kits (or Skype for Business, RingCentral) and we believe this is the year where interactive, touch screens really take off within collaboration rooms.  It's a logical next step for your video enabled meeting spaces - and a perfect fit for any project room, training center or classroom ... we call them  Zoom Rooms TOUCH!

Think about it for a second, humans are very visual - in fact, that's one of the reason why video conferencing has taken off (that and the basic network infrastructure to support it).  But once you have people connected with video, you want them to work together, as a team, solving problems.  And that is exactly what an interactive display (whiteboard) does - it takes your static screen sharing to the next level - allowing your teams to move from discussing problems to solving them.

And that's why we have decided to create kits that are easy to setup and implement.  It's also why we decided to partner with  Avocor, one of the global leaders in interactive displays.  These kits feature the Avocor F-Series Interactive Whiteboards, kitted with the Logitech MeetUp all-in-one video conferencing camera.  What that means for our customer is a much simpler setup, and with kits starting at less than $6,000, you can start utilizing touch in almost any room - even huddle rooms.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when looking to integrate interactive touch displays into your Zoom Rooms:

The displays are "intelligent", meaning they have an integrated computer built inside the display itself.  In most cases, it is used to power the software required enable the touch feature.  In the case of Avocor, thier 4K UltraHD F-Series displays also have a slot available to upgrade the processing power within the monitor, and allow for additional applications to run natively within the display itself.  Based upon the Intel OPS (Open Pluggable Specification), Avocor provides a 6th Gen i5 based OPS slot computer, that we believe is perfect for most Zoom Rooms implementations.

Another key element, when using an interactive display is that all the key networking functions (bluetooth, wifi or LAN network connectivity is managed through the display itself (via the integrated computer).  This eliminates the need for additional hardware, which also eliminates a failure point, which in turn lowers support.  This also means, your camera and audio connect directly to the display - and when combined with the Logitech all-in-one, that means less cables and connections.

We believe this just a great, easy to use, and simple way to start your journey into using interactive displays within your work teams and training.  Check out our kits by clicking below, and see how simple it is to add interactivity to your next Zoom Rooms.



Complete Zoom Rooms TOUCH starting at Under $6K!

Avocor F-Series 65" 1080p with Logitech Meetup

Zoom Rooms Touch from


Avocor F-Series 65" UltraHD with Logitech Meetup

Zoom Rooms Touch from


Avocor F-Series 75" UltraHD with Logitech Meetup

Zoom Rooms Touch from


Avocor F-Series 84" UltraHD with Logitech Meetup

Zoom Rooms Touch from


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