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Zoom Rooms Tip: Have a quick start guide in every room

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

How many times have you gotten a call that goes something like this ...

"Hi, this is Ryan"

"Hi Ryan, this is Bob. I'm in the conference room and I'm five minutes late starting my Zoom meeting. I'm about to throw this iPad thingy against the wall. You have to get in here right now!"

It could be anything from starting the call to sharing content, to controlling something in the room.  Whatever it is, the solution is usually simple, the problem is, people get stressed out and things can escalate quickly. I've been supporting customers long enough to understand not everyone is comfortable when faced with something new and it's up to the those that "support" them to make their lives as easy as possible.

Zoom Rooms are great, and most people will take a few minutes before their first meeting to figure out how to use the application - or just "wing it" during their meetings.  Some won't.  Which is exactly why we decided in June to start adding a quick reference guide with every Zoom Rooms Kit we sell.  It's an easy way for us to help our customers get going as quickly as possible.

It's just a table tent, the most common things people do within their Zoom Rooms meeting, like:

Start, Join, Meet Now

Make a Standard Phone Call

Share Content

Overview of the Main Console and Meeting Rooms Controls

With those things, we help our customers eliminate the majority of those panicked support calls. Zoom Rooms are a wonderful tool to help companies collaborate and meet more easily, but if your employees don't know how to use them (or even how to start a meeting), that ease of use goes out the window and all you end up with are frustrated employees.

By the way, if you purchased your Zoom Rooms Kit before June and would like to include this Quick Start Guide in your Zoom Rooms, here's the download link to the PDF.  Click on it to open the file in a new browser tab, or right click and save it to your desktop.  

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