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  • Distance Learning Zoom Rooms Kit with AVer VC520 Pro2, CAM520 Pro2, 2 Speakerphones with ceiling mounts, Dell ZR PC, iPad Mini, Consoles & Cables
  • Distance Learning Zoom Rooms Kit with AVer VC520 Pro2, CAM520 Pro2, 2 Speakerphones with ceiling mounts, Dell ZR PC, iPad Mini, Consoles & Cables
  • Distance Learning Zoom Rooms Kit with AVer VC520 Pro2, CAM520 Pro2, 2 Speakerphones with ceiling mounts, Dell ZR PC, iPad Mini, Consoles & Cables

Distance Learning Zoom Rooms Kit - AVer VC520 Pro2, CAM520 Pro2, 2 Speakerphones - Classroom

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Product Description

Blended Classroom and Distance Learning Zoom Rooms Kit featuring the AVer Pro2 Series

Zoom Rooms Kit
Zoom Rooms Kit

Kit Highlights

  • Zoom Rooms Kit Camera AVer CAM520 Pro2
  • Zoom Rooms Kit Camera AVer VC520 Pro2
  • Zoom Rooms Kit Room Audio by AVer VC520 Pro2 (2) ceiling mounted speakerphones
  • Zoom Rooms Kit Integrated Zoom Rooms Console featuring Apple iPad Mini and Heckler Design Table Console with POE
  • Zoom Rooms Kit Dell OptiPlex designed for Zoom Rooms & Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse for room setup
  • Zoom Rooms Kit All accessories included mounts, cables and connectors
  • Zoom Rooms Kit Optional Installation & Support Services Available

Distance learning Classroom kits featuring the AVer CAM520 Pro2 and AVer VC520 Pro2 with Two Ceiling Mounted VC520 Pro2 Speakerphones

Classrooms are quickly moving to a blended classroom and teaching environment, with students attending both online and virtually.

Re-designing our classrooms to go "online" is a challenge for any educational organization. That's why we believe using the technology shouldn't be the #1 issue. That means create the right design for ease of use. We believe we've done that, with our Distance Learning Kits for Zoom Rooms. The blended classrooms is the future of education, this kit is perfect, and creates the best learning environment for all students.

Zoom Rooms Kits from VCG

We have configured this Distance Learning kit with the VC520 Pro2, a video conferencing platform with matched camera and audio. The camera is a professional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) with 18x zooming capability. Also, to provide multiple views of the room, we've also included AVer's top selling camera, the AVer CAM520. Together, both cameras provide one view of the classroom presenter and other of the classroom and students. Pro2viding a more immersive experience for anyone attending virtually.

The audio (speakers and microphones) are provided by the "matched" VC520 Pro2 speakerphones. They provide both speaker and microphones. They are mounted on the ceiling and are "daisy chained" together. They provide all rich sound, while also providing background and white noise suppression. They have been optimized or voice communications, either as true speakerphones or with video conferencing. There are two (2) VC520 Pro2 speakerphones included.

Blended classroom and learning in the classroom, providing the best possible learning experience for both in-class and remote students is a reality today. With this kit, you can quickly create the ultimate learning environment.

You deserve the Quality of Dell and the Power of Intel i7 Quad Core

VCG believes in only selling equipment we have personally tested so you get the best possible solution for the price. That's why we have shifted our run computing platform to the Dell OptiPlex, configured with the Intel i7 Quad Core CPU.  This slim-format computer also packs the highest performance available with 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD, Intel Iris high performance graphics, and fully licensed Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise - this is the best way to get your rooms up and running fast.

In addition, the Dell OptiPlex delivers UltraHD 4K quality easily to  a dual display room setup.  Solid state all the way through and mounted directly behind the display with the included mounting brackets.  You need processing and graphics power for your Zoom Rooms - to ensure smooth video and to run your most demanding applications. Also, over time, video conferencing software has been "bulked" up to handle the increased collaboration requirements of many business applications - it only makes sense to go with the quality of Dell and the processing power of the Intel i7 Quad Core. You can trust you are buying a video conferencing optimized device that will give you years of service from VCG.

Bring Your Own Display

All our Zoom Rooms kits are ready to be plugged into the displays of your choice - and work with a one, two or three display setup. All our Zoom Rooms kits work with any HDMI monitor or smart display (up to 4K resolution). And all kits are capable of utilizing multiple displays - the typical room being either a single or double display. Buy one of our kits, and add the monitor (or monitors) or your choice.

A Partner You Can Trust

We have been designing, integrating and supporting Zoom Rooms for years - and have help hundreds of companies around the world experience firsthand what Zoom, Zoom Rooms and Video Conferencing can do for their companies. All the products we sell are fully tested by us. We believe you should get high quality products, from the best manufacturers - then buy from a partner who tests what they sell, and gives you the best experience for your dollar. At Video Conference Gear, we do that - we only represent the best in the industry.

Zoom Rooms Camera & Audio

Distance Learning Zoom Rooms Kits

AVer VC520 Pro2

One of the best camera and audio bundles available on the market today, from an industry leader, AVer.


  • SmartFrame technology
  • Zoom: 18X total zoom (12X optical zoom)
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 82° FOV (diagonal) with a minimum working distance of 1.5 meter/5 feet
  • Pan step 0.45°; tilt step 0.25° (precisely controlled by remote control)
  • f/1.8 to f/2.8 (fast lens, perfect picture even in low light)
  • ±130° pan; +90°/-25° tilt
  • Multi-element, multi-coating auto-focus optics
  • Standard tripod thread
  • Flip horizontal/vertical, capable for reverse ceiling mount
  • Kensington security slot


  • Full duplex microphone array up to 2 daisy-chain speakerphone
  • Echo cancellation and advanced noise suppression
  • Microphones, 2 microphones supporting 360° pick up in 30' diameter range
  • Touch controls for volume down, up, mute, phone input

Zoom Rooms Camera (2nd Camera)

Distance Learning Zoom Rooms Kits

AVer CAM520 Pro2

Pro2vides visual coverage of the presenter (teacher/professor)

  • 18X Total Zoom (12X Optical Zoom with PTZ)
  • IP Based Management and Streaming
  • SmartFrame Technology
  • Wide field of view (FOV) of 82°
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 170° pan; 120° tilt

Zoom Rooms Controller

Distance Learning Zoom Rooms Kits

Heckler Design Consoles are designed and built to last, and provide a sleek, modern look. They are bundled with an Apple iPad Mini providing you complete control over your Zoom Rooms.

Heckler Design Zoom Rooms Console 

Built specifically for Zoom Rooms, low profile, positions iPad Mini ergonomically for conference room attendees to easily use. The console keeps your iPad Mini safe with tamper resistant features. Easy setup and power via the included PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) adapter, specifically designed for use with the Heckler Design tabletop console.

Zoom Rooms Compute

Distance Learning Zoom Rooms Kits

Dell OptiPlex® for Zoom Rooms

This slim-format computer also packs the highest performance available with Intel® Core i7, integrated graphics, 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD, fully licensed Microsoft Windows 10® IoT Enterprise and Zoom Rooms pre-installed - this is the best way to get your rooms up and running fast.

  • Configured for Zoom Rooms - with Zoom Rooms pre-installed
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise IoT license
  • Intel Core i7-8700T with 6 Cores
  • 16GB, 120SSD, 2x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO + Bluetooth 5
  • Slim profile mounts easily behind display
  • VESA mount with adapter box included

Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

  • Integrated Keyboard and Mouse
  • Used during setup of your Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms Mounts, Cables & Accessories

Zoom Rooms Kit Accessories from VCG

Every Zoom Rooms Kit comes with everything you need for a Dual Display setup. We want you to be up and running as quickly as possible. There is nothing more frustrating than needing an extra cable or mount to finish your room installation.

  • Camera Mounting Bracket
  • Audio Mounting (if required)
  • HDMI and Display Cables + Connectors for Dual Displays
  • 6 Outlet Powerstrip
  • Zoom Rooms Quick Start Tabletent from Video Conference Gear
  • Additional USB cables, extenders, or connectors (if required)

Zoom Rooms Optional Services

Zoom Rooms Installation Services

Services for All Your Zoom Rooms Needs!

  • Choose from remote installation support - we're there to help you prepare your room, stage your equipment, and make sure your room is ready to use
  • Full onsite installation including project planning, product installation, integration and setup
  • Design and Blueprint Review Advisory Services
  • Global Planning and Rollout Services
  • Phone or On-site Support
  • Spare parts, product hot-swap, RMA and Warranty Assistance
Zoom Rooms Schedule Display Kits from VCG

Zoom Rooms Scheduling Displays

Zoom and Zoom Rooms are changing the way businesses communicate and making it both easy and cost effective to add video conferencing and collaboration to your company, at a fraction of what it would have cost you just a few years ago. Now, you can create a modern conference room - collaborating with your customers, your vendors or your employees - anywhere in the world.

And don't forget to check out our Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display Kits - the feature is free with your Zoom Rooms license and provides the ability to display meeting rooms schedules, and actually book the room - right at the room location. We include everything you need in our Scheduling Display kits.


Zoom Rooms Schedule Display Kits

Included in Every Zoom Rooms Kit
Our Table-top Quick Start User Guide

We want to help you limit Zoom Rooms support calls. It could be anything from starting the call to sharing content, to controlling something in the room. Whatever it is, the solution is usually simple, the problem is, people get stressed out and things can escalate quickly. I've been supporting customers long enough to understand not everyone is comfortable when faced with something new and it's up to the those that "support" them to make their lives as easy as possible.

Zoom Rooms are great, and most people will take a few minutes before their first meeting to figure out how to use the application - or just "wing it" during their meetings. Some won't. Which is exactly why we decided in June to start adding a quick reference guide with every Zoom Rooms Kit we sell. It's an easy way for us to help our customers get going as quickly as possible.

That's why we include a table-top Zoom Rooms User Quick Start Guide. It's a three panel and self-standing - with cards providing details on how to use the Zoom Rooms application and controls. An example is to the left. It's our way of saying Thank You.

Nationwide Services - From Design, Through Installation, To Support

We have a full range of services available for your Video Conferencing projects - from a single room, to a nationwide rollout. We can help you design, configure, install and support your organizations video conferencing needs.

A Partner You Can Trust

We know first hand how video conferencing products for your meeting rooms can create confusion, when you're buying multiple components. We believe you should get high quality products, from the best manufacturers - then buy from a partner who tests what they sell, and gives you the best experience for your dollar. At, we do that - we only represent the best and test everything we sell before we recommend it or sell it online.


Other Details

Zoom Rooms
Room Size:
Blended Classroom
AVer VC520 Pro2
AVer VC520 Pro2

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