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Welcome to Fuze Rooms Kits from Video Conference Gear

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Welcome from and Fuze

Have you heard about Fuze? If not, they're on a mission to transform the workplace and make it easier for everyone to work together. That means eliminating the boundaries of communications, giving us the ability to work anytime, anywhere and across any device. Fuze has become a trued "unified" communications tool for the modern workforce.

With Fuze Rooms, they bring the flexibility of communications into your shared work placed - huddle rooms, project work rooms, conference rooms - and turn them into their own cloud-based communications centers, available 24x7.

That's why has partnered with Fuze. We want to make it easy to transform all your meeting spaces into Fuze Rooms, regardless of size or purpose. Think how powerful it would be for anyone within your company schedule a meeting with anyone in the world, and meet face-to-face, without wasting time traveling. That means more time on your business, not in traffic or sitting on an airplane.



What is Fuze Rooms?

Fuze Rooms extends the power of cloud communication to conference rooms and meeting spaces of all sizes. They make it possible for meeting spaces to take full advantage of the power of Fuze Multiparty HD Video Conferencing. As a cloud solution, it provides support for a wide range of video conferencing products, including high-definition cameras, USB speakerphones, and 4K displays. Fuze has worked hard to make it easy to deploy with existing off-the-shelf hardware. has taken it a step further, and created Fuze Rooms kits, giving you the ability to buy everything you need, in simple step. Each Fuze Rooms Kit comes with the following:

  • Video Conferencing Camera
  • Video Conferencing Audio - speakers & mics
  • Mimo Vue 10" Touch Screen for Fuze Rooms control
  • Intel Skull Canyon NUC powered by the Intel i7 and Windows 10 Professional
  • Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
  • All the Mounts, Cables, Connectors and Accessories

Easy setup and installation is important, and the Fuze Rooms Kits deliver right out of the box.  We provide everything you need to get your meeting spaces transformed into Cloud-based Communication Centers - allowin you to take the next step in workplace productivity.


Fuze Rooms Solutions to Tackle Your Meeting Room Challenges

Fuze Rooms Kit featuring the AVer VB342 All-in-One

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Fuze Rooms Kit featuring the Logitech MeetUp All-in-One

Fuze Rooms from


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Fuze Rooms Kit featuring the Logitech Rally

Fuze Rooms from


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Fuze Rooms Kit featuring the Logitech Rally Extended

Fuze Rooms from


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