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  • oom Rooms Kit featuring the AVer CAM520, Phoenix Audio Stingray, with Intel NUC and Dual 75" Displays Perfect for Large Conference Rooms & Classrooms
  • oom Rooms Kit featuring the AVer CAM520, Phoenix Audio Stingray, with Intel NUC and Dual 75" Displays Perfect for Large Conference Rooms & Classrooms
  • oom Rooms Kit featuring the AVer CAM520, Phoenix Audio Stingray, with Intel NUC and Dual 75" Displays Perfect for Large Conference Rooms & Classrooms
  • oom Rooms Kit featuring the AVer CAM520, Phoenix Audio Stingray, with Intel NUC and Dual 75" Displays Perfect for Large Conference Rooms & Classrooms

Zoom Rooms Kit featuring the AVer CAM520, Phoenix Audio Stingray, with Intel NUC and Dual 75" Displays Perfect for Large Conference Rooms & Classrooms

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Product Description

Get Yoour Zoom Rooms from VCG

Kit Highlights

  • Zoom Rooms Ready with TWO 75" UltraHD Displays
  • Featuring the AVer CAM520 camera
  • Large Room Audio featuring the Phoenix Audio Stingray with ceiling speakers and drop mics
  • Intel Skull Canyon with i7 Quad Core processor
  • Heckler Design console for a modern look
  • iPad Mini to control your Zoom Rooms Meeting
  • All accessories, cables and connectors
  • Installation is Plug-n-Play
  • Perfect for Your larger meeting rooms or classroom


You deserve the best for your Zoom Rooms,
and you get it with this Large Room or Classroom Kit.

Any Large Room - and that includes boardrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, training centers, etc - that holds over 15 participants, is challenging when it comes to video conferencing. The first challenge is making sure everyone people in the room can participate, and that means having the right audio setup. We are big fans of Phoenix Audio and this kit includes a perfect combo of their Stingray MT700 audio control center with the quality of Sennheiser microphones and ceiling-mounted speakers. This is perfect for any large room or classroom.

It also includes one of go-to cameras - the AVer CAM520. This camera is perfect for any meeting or class room. It has 12x zoom, 1080p high definition for a quality picture, 10 presets via the remote control, and flawless PTZ movement (no picture flutter).

You deserve the Power and Performance of Intel i7 Quad Core

VCG only believes in selling equipment we have personally tested so you get the best possible solution for the price. The Intel Skull Canyon NUC has become our go to device for all Zoom Rooms kits. All our NUC’s come bundled with 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD, Intel Iris high performance graphics, and fully licensed Windows 10 Professional to get you up and running fast.

In addition, the Intel Skull Canyon can handle up to 3 monitors (although we recommend two). Solid state all the way through and 1 inch thickness to easily hide behind a monitor with the included mount. You need processing and graphics power for your Zoom Rooms - to ensure smooth video and to run your most demanding applications. Also, over time, video conferencing software has been "bulked" up to handle the increased collaboration requirements of many business applications - it only makes sense to go with the quality of Intel and the processing power of the i7 Quad Core. You can trust you are buying a high quality device that will give you years of service from VCG.

Kit INCLUDES Dual Samsung 75" UltraHD Displays

This is an all inclusive Zoom Rooms Kit! It includes two (2) Samsung 75" UltraHD 4K displays. These are perfect for any meeting or conference room. And with the dual display setup, you can have shared content on one screen, and see all remote video conferencing participants on the other. We recommend a dual display setup to all our customers - and these displays give you smooth video operation and crystal clear, vibrant colors.

We know first hand how Zoom Rooms can create confusion, when buying multiple components. We believe you should get high quality products, from the best manufacturers - then buy from a partner who tests what they sell, and gives you the best experience for your dollar. At, we do that - we only represent the best and test everything sell before we recommend it or sell it online.

We've made it easy to order Zoom Rooms kits. No longer do you have to go through multiple suppliers to get your Zoom Rooms solution.

Zoom Rooms Camera

AVer CAM520 from VCG

AVer CAM520

  • 12X optical zoom
  • Pan step 0.45°; tilt step 0.25° (precisely controlled by remote control)
  • f/1.8 to f/2.8 (fast lens, perfect picture even in low light)
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 260° pan; 115° tilt
  • 82° FOV (diagonal)

Zoom Rooms Audio Control

Phoenix Audio Stingray MT700

Phoenix Audio Stingray MT700

  • Full duplex communication
  • De-reverb Filtering
  • Echo cancelling and noise suppression
  • Distributed Array Beamforming
  • Automatic Mixing and Zoning
  • Bridging – Allows for 3-way communication between multiple connection sources, USB, SIP and Analog Communication

Zoom Rooms Audio

Shure MX202 Overhead Mic

Sennheiser MEB 102

  • Optimized for voice and speech pick-up
  • Omni-directional pick-up pattern
  • 1.12" diameter, less than 1/2" height

Zoom Rooms Audio

Ceiling mounted speakers

Ceiling Speakers

  • UL Listed In-ceiling 6.5" two-way speakers with balanced tweeter
  • 120 degree audio dispersion, 25-50 watts, 8 Ohms
  • Tile Bridge for 2'x2' ceiling tiles
  • Back Can

Zoom Rooms Displays

Samsung Display from VCG

Samsung UltraHD 75"

  • Dual Display Room Kit with TWO (2) Samsung Smart Displays
  • 4K UltraHD - 4X more pixels than Full HD
  • 74.5" (measured diagonally)
  • Smart Technology with Samsung SmartHub, built-in Wifi, Energy Star certified
  • Smooth (no jitter) content with Motion Rate 120
  • Vibrant and pure colors for a ultimate video conferencing experience
  • Includes Rapid Video Mounts Large Heavy Duty TOP (Tilt, Open Back, Post-Installation) Mount. Low profile wall mount, slim profile against the wall (2.0″ low profile) or tilted down for glare control or optimum viewing angle, post-installation technology allows leveling after installation

Zoom Rooms Controls

Intel Skull Canyon i7 from VCG

Intel Skull Canyon i7 Quadcore

  • Quad Core Power house @ 2.6 GHz
  • Runs Zoom Rooms Application and becomes like an appliance
  • i7 Quad Core, 16GB, 120GB SSD, integrated Intel Iris Pro Graphics
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional license included
  • Slim profile mounts easily behind display with included VESA mount

Logitech Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Pad

  • Integrated Keyboard and Mouse
  • Used during setup of your Zoom Rooms and to run browser or Microsoft Windows-based applications on the Intel Skull Canyon

Zoom Rooms Console

Apple iPad with Heckler Design Console from VCG

Apple iPad Mini

  • NEW Apple iPad Mini
  • 128Gb WiFi model
  • 7.9" diagonal fingerprint resistant screen
  • Gives simple and intuitive controls for your Zoom Rooms

Heckler Design Console for iPad Mini

  • Keep your iPad Mini safe with tamper resistant features
  • Positions iPad Mini ergonomically for conference rooms
  • Low profile

Zoom Rooms Accessories & Cables

Zoom Rooms Kit Accessories from VCG
  • 2 x Rapid Video Mounts Large heavy duty wall display mounts
  • Camera wall mount
  • Triplite 7 Outlet (6 Right Angle + 1 Transformer Outlet) Surge Protector Power Strip 4ft Cord
  • MT720 - Phoenix Audio Stingray - XLR to terminal converter
  • 4 x 50ft Premier Series XLR Male to XLR Female 16AWG Cable (Gold Plated)
  • 500 ft 18AWG 2-Conductor CMP Rated Speaker Wire
  • 25 ft Cat5e 24AWG UTP Ethernet Network Patch Cable
  • USB 2.0 Cat5e Extension Kit with 25ft Patch Cord
  • 2 x 6ft HDMI Cables
  • 1 x Mini-Display port to HDMI Dongle

Installation Available

Zoom Rooms Installation Services from VCG

Installation includes travel within the Continental USA and all reasonable travel related expenses. All other travel locations are billed at an increased rate and are based upon availability.

  • Install/mount Camera on the wall using the camera wall mount.
  • Install PC Components clean and organized behind the monitors
  • Mount and hang monitors on wall
  • Cable HDMI and network cables behind monitors
  • iPad on table within enclosure
  • Mount speakers and microphones in the ceiling
  • Configure Intel NUC for Zoom Room set-up
  • Configure Phoenix Audio Stingray
  • Testing of Zoom Rooms setup, launch video conference meeting, and ensure fully functional Zoom Rooms setup


Zoom Rooms Schedule Display Kits from VCG

Zoom and Zoom Rooms are changing the way businesses communicate and making it both easy and cost effective to add video conferencing and collaboration to your company, at a fraction of what it would have cost you just a few years ago. Now, you can create a modern conference room - collaborating with your customers, your vendors or your employees - anywhere in the world.

And don't forget to check out our Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display Kits - the feature is free with your Zoom Rooms license and provides the ability to display meeting rooms schedules, and actually book the room - right at the room location. We include everything you need in our Scheduling Display kits.

Other Details

Zoom Rooms
Room Size:
Large Room including Dual Displays
AVer CAM520
Phoenix Audio Stingray with Ceiling Mounted Audio

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