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Giving Back: Keeping Families Connected During Difficult Times at Brent's Place

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

Great things happen when great companies come together. That's what happened recently when Video Conference Gear, AVer Information Inc., and Zoom Video Communications came together to provide two fully configured Zoom Rooms for Brent's Place in Aurora, Colorado, a long-term home-away-from-home for families and children with life threatening illnesses.

These Zoom Rooms will help keep families connected during one of the most challenging times during their lives. benefit Brent’s Place, a long-term home away from home for families and children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses while they receive treatment at local hospitals.

The benefits go beyond the ability to video conference with loved ones during this trying time. Family members can utilize the Zoom Rooms to work remotely, stay up-to-date on school assignments, access the internet, and participate in meetings that would otherwise not have been possible. “The Zoom Rooms at Brent’s Place will help families connect with their loved ones during this stressful time in their lives,” said Ryan Pinke, CEO and founder of

Brent's Place in Aurora, Colorado is the only facility of its kind nationwide that specializes in Safe-Clean housing uniquely designed and maintained to minimize the risk of infection for severely immune compromised patients. In 2017, Brent's Place helped 179 families in need of Brent’s Place Safe-Clean environmental standards.

“Families come to Brent’s Place during one of the most difficult times of their lives as they travel far away from home to seek lifesaving treatments for their loved one. We strive to ease these difficulties as much as possible by making Brent’s Place a true home away from home for the entire family rather than just a place to live,” said Cassie Davis, Program Coordinator for Brent’s Place. “We are so excited that thanks to the incredible generosity of AVer, Zoom and VCG, families at Brent’s Place will have the opportunity to connect face to face with the friends and family members who aren’t able to be with them.”

“Zoom is happy to help families at Brent's Place to communicate with loved ones and work remotely while they are away from home. We hope that these resources allow for more personal connections within the Brent's Place community and for more efficient collaboration in their everyday operations,” said Steve Snyder, Sales Leader for Zoom Video Communications.

We believe in the important service Brent's Place provides and we're glad for the opportunity to help.  We're also glad we have such great business partners in AVer and Zoom, to make these types of project happen.

To donate to Brent’s Place visit

About Brent’s Place

Brent's Place ( strives to provide a unique home away from home, that vigilantly protects the fragile health of patients while also strengthening the integrity of the family unit, enriching day-to-day life and fostering an unwavering community of support. The Brent Eley Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.

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