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Unintended Consequences of Video Conferencing

Early this week, I wrote about a research study which attempted to prove (or disprove) one of the primary benefits of video conferencing - a correlation between travel spend and use of video conferencing. They concluded there wasn't necessarily a direct correlation - those employees who traveled heavily, continued to do so, and those who used video conferencing most often, [...]

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Video Conferencing and Reduced Business Travel ... Your results may vary

Today I was doing a search on Video Conferencing, looking at the latest news and headlines from my (our) industry, and I ran across a research study about the affect video conferencing has had on business travel. Since it is one of the "benefits" often touted for video conferencing I decided to take a look.The report is true (primary) market [...]

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Zoom Rooms Audio Can Make or Break Successful Online Meetings and Phoenix Audio Has Your Zoom Room Audio Solution

The past month or so, we've spent time talking about video conferencing audio and just how important it is to your online meetings. It's easy to get caught up in we "look", but if no one can hear you, or if the sound quality is bad, it doesn't matter how good the video quality is.To [...]

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Zoom Rooms Tip: Have a quick start guide in every room

How many times have you gotten a call that goes something like this ..."Hi, this is Ryan""Hi Ryan, this is Bob. I'm in the conference room and I'm five minutes late starting my Zoom meeting. I'm about to throw this iPad thingy against the wall. You have to get in here right now!"It could be [...]

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Video Conferencing Viewpoint: What happens when results exceed the promise?

One of the interesting things about our business is actually having the opportunity to witness change within an organization after a purchase. For us, there's nothing more exciting than seeing first-hand, the impact of video conferencing - and being present when the "promise" of a benefit, materializes in real life. It's fun to have a front-row [...]

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Zoom Rooms Kits now available on Amazon

Right before InfoComm, we teamed with Zoom to launch the first Zoom Rooms kits (officially sponsored by Zoom) on Amazon. It's a little different from the kits on our site, Zoom wanted to make sure their technology partners were well represented.The kit includes: Logitech MeetUp All-in-One camera and audio for video conferencing. Dell OptiPlex 7050 powered by Intel [...]

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State of Video Conferencing report from Owl Labs (makers of the Meeting Owl)

In case you haven't seen it,  Owl Labs, the maker of the Meeting Owl, recently published the State of Video Conferencing 2018. For us, it confirms what we already know about the video conferencing market, companies of every size and in every industry, are using it every day.  The following are a few facts we've taken from the research. 89% [...]

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Saying Goodbye to InfoComm 2018 and Looking Ahead to Zoomtopia

After experiencing InfoComm 2018, I was struck by just how much the Video Conferencing market has exploded over the past few years. When we started, we knew the future of business communications would be face to face, and the best way to do that would be online video.And the numbers from InfoComm support that. This [...]

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5 Tips to Maximize Your Investment in Zoom Rooms

Once you've made the leap into turning every conference room and meeting space into your own personal cloud collaboration center and gone through the euphoria of just how easy it is use and maintain, you're going to eventually turn to maximizing that investment.Tip #1: Return to basics In our world today, we get caught up in [...]

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Webinar: Save Thousands, and Eliminate Complexity - Advanced Audio Solution for Your Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms are the future of business collaboration. The goal of each of your Zoom Rooms should be to create the best experience possible, and that includes Audio (in-room sound delivery and pickup). We also believe your Zoom Rooms should just look different than a traditional meeting room.  That's why we are excited about the [...]

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