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Video Conferencing: Changing the way people communicate

Video conferencing can deliver immediate benefits to your organization. Not only will you save money and improve productivity, but video can also create a competitive advantage. We’re going to look at 5 specific areas where video conferencing will give you an edge over your competition, and allow you to increase top line revenue:Shortening [...]

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Video Conferencing: Creating the real Return on Investment

Imagine the possibilities… The good news is that if you are considering a video purchase for your organization, you have a wider range of options than you did even just a few years ago. The video conferencing industry is changing rapidly. With the proliferation of IP networks, simplified user interfaces and the introduction of new form [...]

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Video Conferencing: Finding the fit

Finding the fit and how different industries leverage video conferencing technology to meet their needs Understanding how various industries utilize video conference, can help you leverage your newly implemented video conferencing solution, or, if you are still in the planning or implementation phase, provide you additional uses to include in your business case. As mentioned [...]

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Video Conferencing – 3 critical factors for effective communications

There is a simple fact about communications, we listen, retain and understand much more when we can see the other person. In fact, more than half of our communication is based upon nonverbal cues, specifically, facial expressions and body language? How many of these important nonverbal details get lost every day in e-mail exchanges [...]

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Panacast 2 4K Video Conference Camera now ZoomRoom Ready

Over the holidays the team at Altia Systems was busy updating the firmware on the 4K Panacast 2 Ultra Wide Angle video conference camera to work perfectly with ZoomRooms. With the latest firmware update the Panacast 2 camera allows for Far End Camera control so locally and remotely the camera’s view go provide the possible [...]

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Phoenix Condor USB Array Microphone - Demo Video

Recently we met with Jonathan Boez of Phoenix Audio to give us a demo of the new Condor Array Microphone with echo cancellation. We were more than impressed as it exceeded our exceptions. If you are looking for a solution to keep your conference room table clutter free and have sounds picked up throughout an [...]

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I met with David Maldow of to discuss one of the latest video conference cameras to hit the market. The Panacast 2 is a 4K 180 degree wide field of view USB video conference camera. While originally intended to be a huddle room camera the potential is so much more with this unique camera. [...]

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Starting 5+ years ago has truthfully been a great learning experience from day 1. When I started I had dreams of being able to work from anywhere in the world with any device. While I am usually in Denver, I have been able to work in numerous parts of the world. Having tools like [...]

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VDO360 Compass Overview

We are excited about VDO360's new Compass camera. Many new features have been added to an already successful HD USB PTZ Camera. Initial tests with the camera have been very positive.  The VDO360 team keeps raising the bar in the HD USB PTZ Camera market with each new release.  Vdo360 Compass Video Conferencing [...]

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Mersive and PanaCast a perfect match

When I started I didn't realize the fun I would get to have testing (aka playing) with numerous systems.  Although what I really like to do is bring multiple manufacturers together to make something that is really over the top, my next favorite thing is try different combinations to look for possibilities for our [...]

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