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"Ridiculously easy to install" - Customer Quote about the Nureva HDL300

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

I've talked about video conferencing audio solutions and specifically the Nureva HDL300 several times over the past few months.  

Why Audio? Because, most people spend lots of time investigating video conferencing cameras, which have come a long way, with several professional quality video conferencing cameras available right now for under $1,000. And we continue to see more and more innovation poured into the camera space.  It makes sense, video conferencing is about adding the "visual" aspect to remote communications.  We want to see the people we are meeting with, to create better communications.

The other reason I've focused on audio is that we have moved beyond the teleconferencing days. Tabletop audio products we use today are "evolved" cousins of the speakerphones we used decades ago on our conference calls.  We have lots of different products (and components) which can be used for one-one-video conferencing, all way up to large conference rooms, board rooms and classrooms/lecture halls.  There is an audio solution for almost any type of room, with precise controls over volume, tone, microphones, mute functions, etc.  

Audio is just as important to having a great video conference room as the camera.  And in may respects, it's actually more important, because there is lots of variables to take into consideration - with the most important the simplicity of "being heard", whether online or in the room itself.

With all that being said, larger conference rooms have always been a bigger challenge than smaller rooms, if only because there are more variables, and possible "seating" configurations.  Which is where the Nureva HDL300 shines. It was built specifically to overcome those challenges, and the best thing for us and our customers is that it just works.

That's why I wanted to share the above customer quote we received.  You see, Ryan Garrett isn't a novice when it comes to conference rooms or video conferencing - it's his job to make sure those rooms are setup right and to support all the people who use them on a daily basis.  So when we recommended the Nureva HDL300, he was skeptical it would work as well as the traditional products he has been using during his career.

And as you can see, he was completely blown away.  As a technical operations manager, installation and setup can be one of those things you dread, even with products you like.  But in this case, it was a breeze.  Ultimately, what that means is saving time and money during the installation process - which means getting your rooms up and running faster and with less hassle.

Just read how enthusiastic Ryan is with the installation, in his own words "Ridiculously easy to install".  He didn't believe us when we told him that prior to buying the HDL300, but he's a believer now.

Take it from us (and Ryan) when we tell you, the Nureva HDL300 and Dual HDL300 are audio solutions you need to consider for your next large room.  Not only are the easy to setup, but they also provide some of the highest quality sound (either online or in-room) that we've see.  We have started to suggest them for all large rooms for our customers.

And now we are making that suggestion to you.  We even have Zoom Rooms kits ready to go with the Nureva HDL300.

Remember to reach out to us if you have any questions - about anything related to video conferencing.  We are always looking at new technology and products to make the video conferencing experience the best it can be.

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