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Let's get personal: small office video cameras with big features

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

The picture that pops into my mind when someone says "desktop video conferencing" is someone sitting in front of their laptop or desktop computer with either a built in camera or something hanging on the top of the screen.  The solution works, and if you are using a headset instead just the build in speaker/mic - then you can have a decent video call with almost anyone.

BUT ... at, decent doesn't cut it. We believe you need to make a great impression during those video calls, and present yourself in the best quality.  And luckily our video camera partners believe the same thing - and all have recently introduced quality personal cameras - with features and function they have included in their conference/meeting rooms cameras for years.  

AVer, Altia, Logitech and TelyCam have all introduced cameras perfect for home office, work-from-home, or executive office and can be used in Huddle Rooms or small meeting rooms.  As you can see, these cameras are versitile, and pack the features you want in a video conferencing camera.

Let's take a look at some side by side comparisons of the these cameras:

Altira Aver Logitech TelyCam
Panacast 2
AVer CAM340
Ultra HD 4K Yes Yes Yes No
HD 1080 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Refresh / Frames Per Second Up to 30fps Up to 60fps Up to 60fps Up to 60fps
Digital Zoom 4X Fixed focus 5X 4X
Field of View (horizontal) Up to 180 o Up to 85 o Up to 90 o Up to 108 o
Lighting Conditions Auto Adjusting Auto Adjusting RightLight with HDR Auto Adjusting
Build in Microphone Yes (1) Omin-directional (1) Omni-directional (2) No
Installation Monitor Mount, Desktop Stand Monitor Mount Monitor Mount Monitor Mount
Connection USB 3 compatible USB 3 compatible USB 3 compatible USB 3 compatible
Supported Operating System Windows & Mac OS Windows & Mac OS Windows & Mac OS Windows & Mac OS

Both the after and the Logitech are perfect fits when sitting directly in front of the camera (like tech support, tutor sessions, or telemedicine).  If you need a wide range of view, or need to move around the space, the Panacast or TelyCam can accommidate that.  There have been several tests done concerning the "depth" of vision also, all have done a great job with capturing the view up to 30 feet.

Personally, each of these cameras has their place in either personal, one-to-one video conferencing, or integrated into your Huddle Rooms. All work with the major video conferencing applications (right out of the box) and each has a fairly simple plug-n-play setup.

You really can't go wrong with any of these cameras - and we have created specific bundles for each.

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