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Video Conferencing is the Ultimate Marketing and Sales Tool

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

Most people think video conferencing is primarily a replacement for the more traditional audio conferencing and to some extent, it is.  But Video Conferencing is so much more than replacing audio with video-plus-audio.  It's the ultimate sales and marketing tool for your business. We thought it was time to highlight some of the things you could do with video conferencing to increase the top-line of your business.

Did you know you Zoom has a Webinar service? 

They do. It's an add-on to the Zoom service that provides full-blown webinar management - from user registration to webinar followup. You can host a webinar with up to 10,000 attendees and have up to 100 "interactive" participants.  Think of the power this provides you.  And the best thing is this, the "interface" is basically the same as the Zoom Meetings interface.  If you're using Zoom today, then moving into webinars is simply a matter of adding the Webinar service.

Also, Zoom Webinar provides high-definition audio and video for you and all your panelists.  Integrated chat allows webinar interaction either privately or with the webinar attendees.  And since Zoom is a cloud-based platform, you can broadcast your webinars through Facebook Live and YouTube.  Webinars can also be recorded and archived for playback, making this perfect for attendees who can't be there for the live webinar.

Zoom also provides integrations with leading CRM and marketing tools such as Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce, which simplifies your marketing campaigns and followup.  With Zoom's application, you can design your own registration page, or integrate the sign-up process within your own website.  It really provides a perfect webinar solution, within an application you're already familiar with and use everyday.

Increase sales through better sales training.

The importance of having all your sales people trained on your products and services can't be understated. It's tough to increase sales, when your sales presentations (and those presenting them) don't have a full understanding of both your products and how they match up to your customer's business. Enter video conferencing as a sales tool.

With Zoom and Zoom Rooms together, you have a perfect platform for sales training.  You can create a full library of sales presentations available as training tools, or to be used as the best example of "how to present" - along with recorded Q&A sessions for common questions, answers and objections.  Using the standard Zoom Rooms setup, just record the presentation and have it available for replay.  

The next step would be to have your individual sales people "record" themselves doing the presentation and answering questions.  Practice does make a difference, plus feedback can be provided from multiple people, not just those available "at the moment".  This type of training feedback gives each presenter the ability to practice their use of visual aides, shared documents, etc. - working through any miscues prior to "going live". This is perfect for companies that have sales people spread across a region or country, saving both time and travel expense.

Increase the number of people available during the sales process.

One of the wonderful things about video conferencing is that it is location "independent". People don't need to be located together to be involved.  Think how powerful it is to have a subject matter expert available for a meeting with a customer (or prospect). Now, you can expand the number of people involved in a sales meeting, without needing to spend time and money traveling. Maybe you only need someone for an hour to answer questions, but the meeting is scheduled for all-day? Or maybe travel is not possible, do to time or location constraints?  How do you get them involved without wasting hours (or days) of their time?  Video conferencing can be used in all those instances.

Literally, you can increase the number of people involved in your sales and customer meetings easily with video conferencing, and in the long run, save money doing it.  Not only does it help speed the process, but it also gives everyone in your company a better appreciation for what "sales really does" within your company.

And with any video conference meeting, it can be recorded and archived. Giving you the ability to review what was said and promised when questions arise later. 

Finally, video conferencing creates a better communication environment, which translates to better connection with your "audience", whether that is a customer, a prospect, your sales team or any other group of people.  Video conferencing can't make a bad presentation better, but it can enhance a well organized presentation.  It can also allow more people within your company to be involved, without putting an strain on your employees. Webinars, Training, Presentations, Interactive Q&A - all are easily implemented with video conferencing.

If you have questions about how to get started with video conferencing, including Zoom, Zoom Webinars, or Zoom Rooms, or want to learn more about how video conferencing can help your business, reach out to us, we are here to help.

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