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2019 the Year of Video Conferencing

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

I've read several articles (several start in December) about the evolution of corporate communications and the move to video conferencing.  There are several mega-trends happening, but it all boils down to one thing - TIME.

Take the rise of Remote Work. The reason employees want to work remotely is time. They don't want to waste up to two hours of their day sitting in a car, taking a bus, riding a train - to get back and forth to work.  And that only looks at the time "lost" to commuting, and doesn't factor in the ability to easily get to that school play, or stress of getting home in time for that soccer game.  We all want more of our time back for our personal lives, without sacrificing what we love to do in our professional lives.

Business Anywhere, Anytime. The internet has broken down barriers to "where" our customers are located. No longer is it necessary to stay within a defined geographical location when expanding your business.  Many industries are quickly becoming "locationless", and doing business across the country (or world) is becoming as easy as doing business across the street.  Technology is breaking down the barriers to "where" and also provide more and more tools to solve the "how".  And we can do all this, while saving time.

As Time becomes our most precious resource, and we begin looking for tools to help us save time, video conferencing quickly tops the list.  No longer is cost a barrier, because cloud based applications such as Zoom have eliminated the cost of specialty hardware and expertise to deliver video conferencing.  The cost to start using video conferencing is almost Zero, and the learning curve is extremely short - minutes, not days.  And the project "implement" video conferencing across your entire organization can be accomplished can be accomplished within a few weeks.

Once you move to video conferencing for your employees, it's a just a few more steps to move it into your meeting spaces and conference rooms.  No longer does cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to "enable" a conference room, in most cases it's less than $5,000 (for everything you need), to create a Zoom Rooms Conference Room.  Once setup, it is immediately available.  A day or two of down-time, and you're back to having meetings, but this time, they are video meetings.

And now, those remote workers, or distance customers, are right there inside the conference room.  You see their faces, hear their voices, share documents, graphs, project plans, demos - without needing to spend time traveling.  

Time if a valuable resource. And video conferencing helps maximize time for everyone involved (remember, if you're saving your time, you're also saving your customer's time).

If you've never considered video conferencing, or are looking to video enable all your meeting rooms, then you've come to the right place.  We have over 100 pre-configured room kits, across 5 video conferencing platforms - all designed to save you time.  If you have any questions, reach out to us for help.

In 2019, it's time to save time.

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