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Zoom Rooms Kits with the Power of DELL Computer

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

Now Available! Zoom Rooms Kits with the Power of DELL Computing!

We waited until we had everything just right before launching our Dell OptiPlex based Zoom Rooms kits. We have been working with Dell to create the perfect computer to power your rooms - and this is it. It comes with Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise IoT operating system and Zoom Rooms application pre-installed. These kits are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Intel i7 Quad Core Power house @ 2.6 GHz

Configured for Zoom Rooms, with Zoom Rooms application pre-installed

16GB RAM and 120GB Solid State Drive

Fully integrated Intel Iris Pro Graphics

Easily manage your Zoom Rooms, either on-site or remotely

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise IoT license

Slim profile mounts easily behind display

What's the Benefit of Dell?

The Dell OptiPlex is optimized for large displays (easily powering dual displays).  We have worked with Dell to make sure that their hardware and the Zoom Rooms software work beautifully together. Specifically, Dell has made adjustments to the memory, CPU, display ports, and hard drive of the Dell OptiPlex 7050 Micro to best support Zoom Rooms.

Dell also offers a growing line of large format conference room displays. This includes touch and non-touch displays supporting 4K with sizes ranging from 55” to 86”. In addition to Dell’s own products, Dell can provide other Zoom partners’ devices to complete Zoom Rooms solutions. This includes cameras, microphones, speakers, and tablets from Logitech, AVer, MXL Microphones, and Samsung.

Also, with the inclusion of Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise IoT, Zoom Rooms can now be easily managed with industry standard IT Service Management and your IT group.  This allows remote management of the Zoom Rooms equipment, update software, track assets and many other support issues.  

These Zoom Rooms kits are built to be easy to install and support.  We have customers who install their rooms in the morning and are using them in the afternoon.

With over 60+ kits, we have one ready to go that will meet your needs.

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