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Logitech Rally - the next evolution of video conferencing solutions from Logitech

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

Logitech has had lots of success in video conferencing, especially in creating "bundled" solutions.  The Logitech Group has been on of the best selling bundles in the market (including at In 2017, Logitech introduced their first all-in-one video conferencing solution, the MeetUp, which has been nothing but a full blown success.  Last year, they came out with the Rally video conferencing system, as the next step of providing single component, bundled solution.

The Rally is a totally redesigned system, leveraging all Logitech's camera and audio expertise, to create an expandable video conferencing system that fits seamlessly in smaller meeting spaces or the largest conference rooms.  With individual components, you are not constrained by the room's layout, and can design the Rally for best fit.  

Rally Camera

The Rally system is centered on the Rally Video Conference Camera, it is a premium PTZ camera with 4K UltraHD imaging quality. It combines world-class Logitech optics and 4K sensor with whisper-quiet mechanical pan, tilt, and zoom functions and high-end materials suitable for any business or classroom setting. With razorsharp 15X high definition zoom, an impressive 90° field of view, and truly phenomenal video quality, the Rally Camera captures every person in the room with amazing clarity.

Another benefit of the camera is it's versatile mounting and cabling options, allowing for easy installation and seamless integration into any existing video conferencing or audio-only infrastructure. Plus, USB plug-and-play ensures compatibility with every leading video conferencing software platform with no additional software required.

Features of the Rally Camera include:

  • Up to 4K Ultra-HD video quality at 30 fps
  • 15X lossless HD Zoom
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • 90° field of view with mechanical pan (± 90°) and tilt (+50°/-90°)
  • Premium Logitech-engineered glass lens
  • Autofocus
  • RF remote control (allowing for use of the remote with direct line of sight)
  • 3 camera presets
  • Upside-down mounting
  • Kensington® security slot

Rally Audio

The Rally system includes separate speakers and microphones, giving it the flexibility to match up to any meeting room or table shape.  Crystal-clear audio is essential in today's video conferencing and Rally delivering sound that's natural, crisp, and highly intelligible. The tabletop microphones ensure everyone in the meeting room can be clearly heard while stand-alone speakers fill larger rooms with rich, life-like sound.

Rally Speakers:

Front of Room Audio: Rally Speakers are designed for placement at the front of the room. Voices come from where you intuitively expect to hear them—so conversations feel natural and lifelike.

Anti-Vibration Enclosure: A patent-pending suspension system isolates vibration to prevent camera shake so that images remain clear and steady, even at high volume levels and when zoomed in.

Comfortable Volume: With sound coming from two speakers rather than one, voices carry throughout the room at a moderate volume level.

Rally Microphone Pods:

Hear Every Voice Clearly: With RightSound technology and multiple beamforming elements in every individual mic pod, the audio focus is always automatically on the active speaker.

Expanded Coverage: Up to seven Rally Mic Pods can be daisy-chained together with a single cable connection to the Rally Table Hub.

Premium, Low-Profile Design: Rally Mic Pods are elegant and deceptively small for their remarkable range and sensitivity, with non-slip pads to isolate the microphones from table vibrations.

An Equal Voice: Rally Mic Pod listens for and equalizes every voice, so you can hear and understand those with softer voices or who are seated farther away.

Rally Smart Cabling

What sets Rally apart from other bundled solutions is their unique take flexibility.  The system's foundation is the creation of "hubs" for the display, tabletop audio, and microphones. But distributing these throughout the system, they can leverage standard cabling (Cat6, HDMI, USB) to support the video and audio of the entire system, and allow multiple variations of room or table layouts.

With a Display Hub and Table Hub to keep cables neat and organized, Rally components and the meeting computer remain securely out of sight. Connected by a single CAT6 cable, both hubs feature a full complement of connections so you can locate the meeting computer near the display or at the table. An HDMI input on the Table Hub eliminates the need for extra-cost cable extenders and makes wired content sharing easy.

Logitech Advanced Technology

With the introduction of the Rally, Logitech all introduced RightSense, a set of advanced technologies and design innovations that make better meetings easy and automatic.  For most implementations, this means your video conferencing meetings look and sound great without tweaking the settings, long and complicated calibration tests or a significant amount of support. RightSense includes:

RightSight for Automated Camera Control: Currently only available for the Logitech Meetup, but coming soon to the Rally. See everyone in every seat at the table—perfectly framed—with Logitech RightSight™, a camera control technology that automatically moves the lens and adjusts the zoom so no one gets left out of the picture. RightSight ensures that meeting participants are always in view and optimally pictured on-screen. With RightSight seamlessly at work in the background, conversations and eye contact are as easy and natural as sitting together in the same room.

RightLight for Light and Color Optimization: Logitech RightLight™ helps everyone look their best on camera, regardless of lighting conditions. RightLight reduces video noise, optimizes light balance, and fine-tunes color and saturation for natural results across all skin tones.

RightSound for Enhanced Audio: Logitech RightSound™ is a suite of audio processing technologies and design innovations that deliver enterprise-class sound to video conferences. Optimized for the human voice, RightSound reduces unwanted noises (like fans and keyboard clicks) and zeroes in on the active speaker to convey their every word with remarkable clarity. An advanced speech detector algorithm even auto-boosts the volume of quiet talkers so every voice is heard.

All-in-all, the Logitech Rally is leap forward for Logitech with video conferencing.  And it's available today in a single speaker/mic or dual speaker/mic bundle.  We also have Zoom Rooms kits based upon Rally in both the single and dual combos.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know, we are here to help in any way we can.

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