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Video Conferencing is Predicted to be a Top Trend in 2019

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

Continuing with the "Video Conferencing in 2019" theme, I thought I'd share a recent "predictions" article from online magazine Chief Executive ("Top 10 Technology Trend Predictions For 2019"), there are two predictions which caught my eye ... 

#5: Remote work will become the rule, not the exception and
#6: Businesses will finally embrace video conferencing

What's interesting for both of these predictions, is they will change the way "we work", and they are complimentary to each other.  If there are going to be more employees working remotely, or that our employees can "work from anywhere", then it only helps grow the base for video conferencing as a communication tool.  But if we dive deeper into the the power of video conferencing, we realize that our businesses are better off embracing it as quickly as possible.

1. It's less expensive and just as effective.  This is not a stretch to believe.  Employee travel is expensive, no only in the pure expense, but also in time. It's much more effective to have a video call or video conference call, than it is to spend time traveling, to have that face-to-face meeting.  Most people are much less effective "on the road" than they are in their normal working environment. Also, with video conferencing, we have the ability to communicate beyond our voice, and we can read visual and body language cues.  The experience is very close to being physically present, without the downtime of travel.

2. One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many.  Video conferencing provides lots of flexibility with "how" and with "whom" we meet. It can be used for individual meetings, or group/team meetings.  We can also leverage video conferencing for townhalls, lectures, keynote addresses, etc.  Also, you can have meetings in multiple locations at the same time, over the same network, with relatively high quality video and audio.  Unlike most "physical" meetings, you can record the meeting for later review.  

3. Collaboration. Video conferencing has become synonymous with team collaboration for a good reason - because it was built from the ground up to enhance communications and to encourage better collaboration. Not only can we meet, but we can share information, documents, do live presentations, review product plans - almost any task that can be completed on your computer, can be "shared" video conferencing.  With the inclusion of interactive, smart displays and whiteboards, we can collectively work on problems and get to solutions faster.

4. Go Fast. Video conferencing can literally sped up decision making. Better communications and collaboration, are the key.  We don't have to travel to get the right people in the video meeting, we can talk through issues, all while "seeing" each other, and then we can make decisions (and record those decisions).  

It's not hard to see why video conferencing is being recognized as major trend.  Better, Faster Cheaper - video conferencing has is all.

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