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Webinar or Seminar - which is best?

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

Video conferencing comes in lost of flavors, and one thing we just love about Zoom is the ability to host webinars. But to be fair, depending on the size of your audience, you can hold an live webinar with any of video conferencing partners - Zoom just gives of a featured packed webinar option (with all the pre-built goodies included).

That being said, you still have options when it comes to marketing your company's products or services to a live audience - live via webinars (from your own office, or anywhere in the world because it's virtual) or via seminars (everyone in the same room face-to-face).  The question is - which is best?

Not an easy answer, and it comes down to the "it depends".  The following graphic helps shed some light on a fair comparison of the two marketing tactics.

Now, here's an alternative to choosing one over the other - choose to do both.  Yes, that can happen.  With a little planning, you can invite anyone local to your seminar, and then broadcast the seminar live for anyone not able to attend - either based upon distance or time availablity.  You can have the best of both worlds, and, if you record the session also (which you should be doing as a matter of course), then you have additional content for your website.  Then anyone can benefit from the seminar - both live and on-demand.

What's required? Personally, we'd suggest having a high quality video camera setup, along with a high-performing computer (laptop).  Also, test your network connection.  You want to ensure the video connection is rock-solid, there is nothing worse than pixelated or laggy video, or mismatched video/audio. But with a rock solid internet connection and quality equipment - along with your Zoom webinar software - you will be able to have your "cake and eat it too".

If you've got questions about what kind of equipment you need or possibly even want to create a "travel kit" if you hold lots of seminars, then give us a call.  We can put together a great kit for you, ready to power up your seminars, webinars, or other video related marketing activities. The easiest way is to chat right now.

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