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Webinar: Save Thousands, and Eliminate Complexity - Advanced Audio Solution for Your Zoom Rooms

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

Zoom Rooms are the future of business collaboration. The goal of each of your Zoom Rooms should be to create the best experience possible, and that includes Audio (in-room sound delivery and pickup). We also believe your Zoom Rooms should just look different than a traditional meeting room.  That's why we are excited about the innovation for Zoom Rooms audio.  That's why we are excited about the Nureva HDL300.

Why is it exciting? Because they have re-imagined conference room audio.  Gone is the traditional tabletop "speakerphone" or the complexity of installed component based audio.  It's replaced with a wall mounted integrated audio solution (speakers and microphones), which provides audio quality equal to products at 3 or 4 times the price.

The Nureva HDL300 gives your conference rooms a modern, clean look.  No cables running over the tabletop or power cords trying to find an outlet across the room.  It is installed on the wall and provides an integrated, voice optimized speaker/microphone combo.  It utilizes  Microphone MistTM technology, custom developed by Nureva to provide 8,192 virtual microphones, automatically calibrated for your room - without any manual "tweaking" of the settings.

That's why we decided have a webinar to help our customers understand this innovation better, and help to determine if the Nureva HDL300 is a perfect fit for them.

Webinar Details: (link to register)

Advanced Audio for Zoom Rooms, featuring a demo of the Nureva HDL300

Date/Time: May 29, 2018 @ 10:00am Mountain Standard Time

Duration: 45 minutes


Introduction to Nureva

Overview of the Nureva HDL300

Demo of the Nureva HDL300

Wrap-up with Q&A

We will be joined by our friends at Nureva, to give you the full experience of the HDL300.  We will wrap up with your questions so get them ready!  To get all the details to your email inbox, just click on the link above.

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