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Zoom Expands - Zoom Voice, the Zoom App Marketplace, and great enhancements to Zoom Rooms

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

If you didn't know, Zoomtopia 2018 is happening right now.  And with every user conference, there are going to be major announcements - and this year is no different.  Zoom is not sitting still and have been busy adding new features to the core Zoom application and several enhancements to Zoom Rooms.

Click here to read Zoom's press release.

Below are some highlights the announcement:

Zoom is adding Voice  

You heard that right, Zoom is adding cloud-based phone service/system as a add-on feature to the Zoom application.  That means having the ability to fully integrate inbound and outbound calling through any PTSN (public switched telephone network).  You can now consolidate all your communications under the Zoom Communications Suite.  Read the press release above for availability in your area/country.

Zoom Rooms Enhancement

Zoom continues to ensure their customers can use their application to the fullest and that takes a Partner Ecosystem to deliver both products and services.  Video Conference Gear is one of the valued partners within Zooms Certified Integrator program.  The ecosystem also includes technology and distribution partners.

Zoom Rooms Multi-Share. This one is perfect for companies with multiple Zoom Rooms.  Now spread out your meetings across several rooms - creating a virtual "conference hall" by seamlessly sharing content.

Audio Processing just got better. We've talked about it over and over again, but audio is one of the major hurdles in creating a "feels like you're there" experience for Zoom Rooms.  Zoom has moved audio processing to be "software" based, and enhancing that with machine learning.  This is the next step in creating the ultimate collaboration experience within your Zoom Rooms.

Enterprise Management. This is a big step for Enterprise Customers of Zoom by creating a single point of support for all Zoom Rooms across an enterprise.  Setup, reboot, updates and optimizations are all key components of the management of Zoom Rooms.

Start on Mobile. Sometimes it the little things that matter the most, and being able to start your Zoom Rooms meeting via a mobile is one of those little things.  It's now available to you.

Digital Signage. Take it up a notch with the new features of Zoom Rooms Digital Signage.  You can now take the next step in your signage with increased flexiblity with your designs, including the use of video.

Other announcements include enhancements to the UI (user experience), upgrades to the basic user level and even virtual backgrounds.  There really more than we can get to in this blog post.  Just understand that Zoom is really on the move.  They are upping their game, and bringing more functionality, features, and technology to you, and Video Conference Gear will be right there, to help you along the way.

We are proud to be Zoom and Zoom Rooms Certified Integrator!

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