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Zoom Rooms Audio Can Make or Break Successful Online Meetings and Phoenix Audio Has Your Zoom Room Audio Solution

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

The past month or so, we've spent time talking about video conferencing audio and just how important it is to your online meetings. It's easy to get caught up in we "look", but if no one can hear you, or if the sound quality is bad, it doesn't matter how good the video quality is.

To help push that conversation along, I thought it was important to spend a little time breaking down one of our top Audio Partners - Phoenix Audio Technologies. We have been selling their products for years and they have become a "go to" audio solution for us.

The cover the full range of conference room audio with a tabletop model (with SIP support), a microphone array and distributed array mixer for larger rooms. This allows us to configure an Zoom Rooms audio solution for any size room and for any purpose - from huddle rooms to boardrooms to classrooms.

Here are the Phoenix Audio Technologies products we rely on every day, for video conferencing and Zoom Rooms solutions provided to our customers:

Spider- there are three models of the Spider, with each sharing the same underlying tabletop design and USB 

connectivity. The MT503 is perfect for video conferencing, and we have several Zoom Rooms kits available featuring the Spider MT503. It has beamforming technology, allowing for crisp sound to be picked up from anywhere around the room. Also, you can daisy-chain multiple units for audio coverage in larger rooms or rooms with non-standard table setup. The Spider MT503 is one of our top selling tabletop audio products, but I just wanted to mention, it can also be ceiling mounted, for a cleaner look within your meeting space.

Condor- is a bar-type designed beamforming microphone array. It is an innovative product which can be installed in three ways: mounted directly to the display; mounted on the wall, either above or below the display, or on table stands. All three options provide a very modern look to your conference room. either above or below the room displays. The Condor has the ability to "bridge" video and audio conferencing within a single unit. If you have some meeting participants "calling" into the meeting, the Condor simultaneously connects the two - creating a bridge between the two technologies. It has all the advanced audio capabilities you'd expect, such as noise and echo cancelling, automatic gain control, and improved audio pickup. It is a beautiful design and provide flawless audio.

Stingray- At the high end of the audio spectrum is the Stingray distributed array mixer. If you need full control of the audio within your room, this is one of the best solutions on the market today. Not just designed for video conferencing, the Stingray provides a platform to integrate all your audio inputs and outputs. It works perfectly for rooms which require the speaker to be mic'd (usually a wireless microphone) or for both sound and microphones to be controlled independently. The Stingray can be placed on a shelf or it is perfectly sized for rackmounting. It provide four mic level imputs, four line level inputs, speaker input and output.

Audio can't be a secondary consideration with Zoom Rooms or video conferencing, it's just too important to be left to the end. We believe Phoenix Audio Technologies provides a great range of products for almost any room size or use. 

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