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Featured Zoom Rooms Kit of the Day the Logitech MeetUp Video Soundbar with an Additional Tabletop Mic

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

Our Featured Kit of the Day - Zoom Rooms Kit with Logitech Meetup with Additional Tabletop Mic

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Double the Microphone Range! Equip your huddle or small conference room with a single, all-in-one video soundbar featuring world class audio, video and screen sharing. It's tough to have better meetings if everyone is crowded together, with the Logitech MeetUp, your small huddle rooms can pack a big room video conferencing punch. The Logitech 

MeetUp combines wideband audio with high quality video - bundled into a wall mounted system to address the limited space unique to huddle rooms. Plus, with the addition of the table-top microphone, you can now extend the voice pick-up for larger rooms.

Mounted below (or above) the monitor, the MeetUp creates a perfect solution for any huddle room, small conference room and even some larger rooms where equipment space is an issue. This is a great huddle room bundle. Tested by us and ready to go.

This Zoom Rooms Kit features:

Camera + Audio in one - Logitech MeetUp Video Soundbar

Logitech was one of the pioneers of the "all in one" video conferencing solution.  The simple concept was to bring all the required equipment into a single product.  Camera and Audio engineered to be a perfect match.  Designed for small meeting spaces, like the huddle room, when you add the additional tabletop mic, the MeetUp is a great choice for lager conference with up to 10 people.

Tabletop Console - Apple iPad Mini + Heckler Design Enclosure

We tested lots of configurations for Zoom Rooms Consoles, and this one is winner. Heckler Design Enclosures are secure and have a built-in compartment for the PoE modules powering the Apple iPad Mini.

Compute - Dell OptiPlex configured for Zoom Rooms

The power of Intel i7 and Zoom preconfigured. Ready for your final in-room setup.

Monthly Price Details

And now, Video Conference Gear offers convenient monthly pricing. Meaning you can get this kit for as low as $125 per month. Conditions apply, and your final monthly price may be higher, but we are here to step you through the process.

We can now offer monthly pricing for you and your company. Allowing you to manage cash flow and budgets easier than ever before. Imagine converting all your conference rooms, and even your executive offices into video conferencing centers. Help smooth the transition with monthly pricing - and we can even add all the extra things, like extended warranties, installation services, support contracts, etc.

It doesn't get any easier. One of our sales professionals can help create a personalized monthly price a single kit or a customized quote for your full Zoom Rooms Integration Project.

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