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Make the Easy Choice for Video Conferencing - Zoom Rooms

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

As a company that focuses on video conferencing and collaboration for companies, we are often asked to provide comparison (speeds and feeds) between the various platforms available on the market today. Although we understand the importance of technical comparisons, it really comes down to a couple very simple questions:

1. What's the business goal?

2. Does the technology meet or exceed that goal?

Since every company is different, their goals for video conferencing will look and feel different, but the common theme is usually better communications and/or teamwork across their company. That makes sense, if your company is communicating and working together better, it allows you to grow, support customers, handle problems faster, ship products faster, etc.  A lot of "problems" within a company come down to poor communications.

That being said, video conferencing can't help if it it's not used by your employees.  We have seen time and time again, companies chase a technology solution and not solve their basic problem - because the technology they chose isn't used.

Because we get to step into lots of offices around the world, we've seen instances where multiple platforms are used. That means, the employees have a choice which conference room to use - and it never ceases to amaze us, the Zoom Rooms are always "in demand" and in most cases overbooked.  

There's a reason for that - and it comes down to a simple equation of "ease of use".  Zoom has taken their time to make it as easy as possible to schedule, send invitations, start, run and end a video conferencing meeting. Never underestimate the power of making it "easy" to use. There are very few employees who care about the underlying technology, they want it work.  They want a clear picture and audio.  They want to share screens and documents.  And if possible, record the session for other teammates who can't be at the meeting.

Also, having the same "basic" easy of use for video conferencing, whether they are in a conference, at their desk, in hotel room, or using their mobile phone is important.  We have a tendency to focus on Zoom Rooms, but the user experience across the board needs to be easy and fast.  Once again, Zoom creates an advantage regardless of how it is used.

When it comes to the technology used in your conference rooms or meeting spaces, we always suggest focusing on the primary purpose of the space first, then the layout, size and specifics of that space.  Having UltraHD 4K cameras is not necessarily the answer for every situation, and not every camera implements it the same way.  Focusing exclusively on a specific "feature" may not accomplish your goals.  

By focusing on the Goal first, you are always in a better place to create the best solution. And the in most cases, the goal comes down to a couple of simple requirements.  Technology is the path to the solution, but it is not THE solution.  For most of our customers, the problem is communications and/or collaboration - and they want to create the best "solution" for that problem.  And we have experience getting to that solution - and then providing the technology, people and support to keep that solution working for you.

As stated earlier, we find that Zoom and Zoom Rooms is the best "platform" build on. It's a highly reliable service that our customers love to use.  The "technical" solution for each meeting space (either personal, conference room, board room, training room, or classroom) varies - but once again, Zoom was built to work with a wide variety of products, may purpose built for specific rooms or uses.

Video Conference Gear focuses on meeting spaces and taking our customers to the next level of video conferencing and collaboration.  We have sold and installed thousands of rooms over the past few years.  And we provide daily support to hundreds of customers around the world on a daily basis.  

If you have questions, please ask us - because we are here to help you get up and running as quickly as possible with your video conferencing projects.