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NEW Zoom Rooms Kit! The Ultimate Classroom

Posted by Ryan PInke on

Let's be honest, large rooms are a challenge in general, and when you turn that large room into a training room or classroom, the challenges double.

The first challenge finding the perfect balance of camera coverage. You want to get the whole room involved, teachers and students, but there also has to be focal point for education to be effective.

If you solve that challenge, you're faced with getting full audio coverage of the room. You want control of the audio, but you also want that control to be "easy" - if you need a sound engineer at the ready for your classroom, it defeats the primary purpose of any distance learning program.

We decided to create a Zoom Rooms kit specifically designed to meet those challenges head-on. And we did it with this ultimate classroom kit. It features:

Dual Cameras to provide 100% visual coverage of the room - both students and instructor. The first camera, the AVer CAM520, gives you full pan-tilt-zoom control, with 10 pre-sets, allowing you the ability to fine-tune camera focal points. Then we add the Panacast 2 camera providing ultra-wide 180 degree, wall-to-wall coverage. With those two cameras, you have wide-view and single-point view of any location within the classroom.

In-ceiling speakers and microphones integrated through the Phoenix Audio Stingray. With our large room audio kit, we give you the ability to cover almost any large room with both speaker and microphone. And the Stingray brings it all together, allowing you to fine-tune your audio specific to the rooms acoustics.

We believe this  Ultimate Classroom Zoom Rooms Kit will fit for the majority of your classroom and training needs, if it doesn't, just reach out to us, we can customize to any room or situation you have. And remember, we have a full range of services to get you (and keep you) up and running, as quickly as possible.

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