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Zoom is the Highest Rated Web Conferencing Vendor on Gartner's Peer Insights

Posted by Ryan Pinke on

Founded only 6 years ago this month, Zoom has become the go-to web video conferencing app for almost any size company. We've previously mentioned how they are crushing it on customer review sites such as G2 Crowd and Trust Radius (click the links to see how Zoom is doing) - being the leader at both sites. 

So I decided to see what Gartner's customers had to say, and once again, Zoom is leading in the customer satisfaction race.  I took a few minutes to read through some of the reviews, and there were some common themes I wanted to point out ...

  • First of all, with over 80 reviews, Zoom is second only to Cisco in the number of verified customer reviews
  • All the ratings were 4 or 5 stars - nothing below that rating 
  • Most of the comments included something about "ease of use" or "my employees just started using it" 
  • Some of the larger companies did mention how user training on a large scale was difficult, but the transition to Zoom when smoothly 
  • About 40% of the reviews were from companies or government entities that were in the smallest classification for Gartner ($50M in revenue)

None of that is surprising to us.  We've been involved with Zoom since the early days - going all the way back to beta releases of the product. We know what challenges companies face when implementing web-based conferencing and collaboration tools. We have also seen many of the leading companies completely ignore huge areas of the market or market trends. 

What does surprise us, are comments about employees using it. Zoom, once you're familiar with how it operates, just works.  With very good quality for both audio and video.  Add that quality to the ability to create Zoom Rooms (one of the things we specialize in) collaboration meeting rooms and how easy it is to use Zoom as your webinar platform - and we believe you have a winning combination.

If you're interested, check out the Gartner Peer Insights page (it's free and no registration required) to see a full comparison and review for Zoom (and a dozen other video conferencing application vendors). Lots of great insights if you are looking to fully adopt web-based video conferencing and collaboration.  

And, as always, reach out to us if you have questions or need help in any way.

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